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Cat & Dog Supplements including Pet Vitamins, Pet Enzymes, Pet Herbs, Pet Joint & Mineral Supplements, Vegan Cat & Dog Treats.

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Evolution Diet Sweet Potato Dog Chews

Dr-Chew the Original Sweet Potato Dog Chews 1lb 100% Natural Rich in Vitamins and Minerals High in Dietary Fiber, Low in Fat, and Calories Unique Chewing Texture Promotes Healthly Teeth Delicious and 100% Dissolvable

Vegan Chic'n Cheesy Flavoring

Your Pet will love this new Vegan Chic'n Cheesy Flavoring added to his/her food. All Treats are meant to be shipped with a Pet Food Order! There is no charge with Pet Food Orders. if not the shipping is $5.25. You must call in to pay for the shipping. Call 651-221-9056

Pure Vegan Cheese Flavor Nutritional Yeast 1 lb bag

1 lb Vegan Cheese Flavor Nutritional Yeast!