Power House Sweet Potato & Alfalfa Original 5 oz.

Power House Sweet Potato & Alfalfa Original 5 oz.
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Powerhouse: Sweet Potato & Alfalfa (Grain Free)

Ingredients: Organic Buckwheat Flour, Organic Sweet Potato, Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Sun-Cured Ground Alfalfa
(all ingredients are certified organic)

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (min) 11%, Crude Fat (min) 6%, Crude Fiber (max) 7%, Moisture (max) 6%

Did you know that sweet potato & alfalfa are two nutritional powerhouses?
Alfalfa and Sweet Potatoes are two nutritional powerhouses. Sweet Potatoes, along with being a powerful anti-oxidant source, have a very low glycemic index. This means that the carbohydrates in a sweet potato have a very low impact on blood sugar levels, meaning steady energy and less chance of body fat production. The Arabians referred to Alfalfa as the “Father of all Foods” because they felt it added strength, speed and stamina to their horses. Rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins, the many alfalfa nutrients make it one of the most nutritious foods known earning it the names the King of Plants and as the Arabians said, the Father of all Foods.